Aluminium Water Bottle (choice of artwork)Aluminium Water Bottle (choice of artwork)  Ref: WB001
Standard 500ml (Aluminium):
Approx diameter- 7cm, approx height to neck- 16cm, approx height with lid- 19.8cm

All supplied with 2 cap fixings.

The 500ml bottles will fit into cycle water bottle holders and are great for sports or for children taking drinks to school. Pefect for taking around a course with your refreshments in.

The Silver finish gives that more traditional look at feel to a metal sports water bottle. Although the artwork application is dishwasher safe we would recommend handwashing due to the plastic parts (just to be on the safe side really)

They are supplied with 2 cap fixings. One cap fixing is a pull stopper allowing you to drink from the bottle without removing the cap and the other cap fitting allows the bottle to be clipped to a belt and is supplied with the metal clasp.

We can print pretty much any logo on them for you, get in touch if there is something special you require.